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Just Released: APA DSM-5-TR – 20% Discount for Members

Developed with the help of more than 200 subject matter experts, DSM-5-TR includes revised text, clarifications to diagnostic criteria, incorporation of information on the impact of racism and discrimination on mental disorders, and updates to ICD-10-CM codes since 2013.

Hi All - Dodge and I are pleased to share, as your DB Disaster Reps, the attached FREE 8 HOURS CME Course on disaster preparation and community health. Hope you will find it worthwhile. 


Dr. Beth Haase


On behalf of Dr. Joshua Morganstein, Chair of the Committee on the Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster:


We are very excited to share that the new course, "Disaster and Preventive Psychiatry: Protecting Health and Fostering Community Resilience" is now available at the American Psychiatric Association's online Learning Center, which includes 8 Continuing Education credits at no charge.


Disaster and Preventive Psychiatry Course:


This 9-module, interactive course is the most comprehensive online training in this critical topic area, focuses heavily on public mental health principles to support individuals and communities impacted by disasters, and will be highly informative to Psychiatrists and other healthcare workers, disaster responders, and community leaders.


Please enjoy this new resource and share it with any partners or stakeholders who may benefit.

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