What's new at the APA

  • APA released a statement calling for improved access to treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs) in the wake of a CDC report that detailed over 100,000 overdose deaths between April 2020 and April 2021. APA also called for collaboration between Congress and addiction treatment experts to develop and implement science-based policies and programs to end the opioid epidemic, more support for training of clinicians to treat people with SUDs.  You can read the full statement here.

  • APA released a statement praising the U.S. House passage of the Build Back Better Act, a $2 trillion spending package that contains significant funding for mental health and substance use disorder programs. Among the health care provisions that would be expanded by the bill are Mental Health Parity, funding to grow the Behavioral Health Workforce, funding for mobile crisis services and the 9-8-8 hotline, and an extension to the Children’s Health Insurance Program. You can learn more about the bill and read more about its mental health provisions here

  • A recent report from SMI Adviser explores obstacles to connecting rural and remote populations with mental health care and offers solutions developed by clinicians, administrators and other staff working in those areas. “Improving Behavioral Health Services for Individuals with SMI in Rural and Remote Communities,” is designed to provide a resource for practitioners and policymakers working in rural and remote areas to improve the availability, accessibility, and acceptability of behavioral health care for individuals with SMI. You can learn more about SMI Adviser and read the full report here.

Key Dates and Observances

APA Communications staff maintains a calendar of key dates, observances and events at APA and in the world of mental health in general. The calendar is kept up to date a few months in advance. You can view the calendar and keep track of important mental health dates and observances here.

Board Elections: Meet-the-Candidates Town Halls

Want to learn about your Board of Trustees candidates? 

APA is hosting a series of four, live Meet-the-Candidate Virtual Town Halls, nightly between Dec. 13-16, at 8 p.m. ET.

Each will be a 60- to 90-minute live session, and each session will end with a Q&A. Submit your questions for candidates here.

Learn more and Register  - https://www.psychiatry.org/psychiatrists/awards-leadership-opportunities/leadership-opportunities/elections/meet-the-candidates

Mental Health Professionals Guide to Their Role in the Criminal Justice System

This pocket book guide is intended as a resource for all mental health professionals on how they can better support individuals with mental illness who unfortunately become entangled in the criminal justice system. We want this book to be a guide on how we can reclaim our community members and provide support no matter where they might find themselves in the system. 


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