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Barry Cole, MD

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Barry Eliot Cole, a lifetime board-certified psychiatrist with forty years of experience, has expertise in various fields including psychiatry, pain medicine, hospice care, and medical administration. His interests span adult and consultation/liaison psychiatry, cancer pain management, opioid prescribing risk reduction, end-of-life care, and public sector medical administration. An author, Cole has published extensively on topics ranging from pain management to the neuro-endocrine implications of opioid therapy. He has also contributed to clinical trials and product developments in the field. A native of Los Angeles and a long-term resident of Las Vegas, Cole currently resides in Reno, NV. He holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, and Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Cole has held leadership positions in various professional organizations, including the American Academy of Pain Management and the Nevada Psychiatric Association, where he currently serves as President-Elect. He is actively involved in advocacy efforts for mental health services, having served as a non-paid/citizen lobbyist during the 82nd Nevada Legislative session and planning to return for the 83rd session in 2025. Additionally, Cole has provided tele-psychiatry coverage for healthcare systems in California and Hawaii, demonstrating his commitment to advancing mental health care access. 

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